Aviation Legal and Technical Consultancy Services

Air Law NZ (formerly AMC Legal) through its principal and sole director Angela Beazer, operated as an Incorporated Law Firm from September 2010 to June 2022.  During this time, Angela provided specialist legal advice and representation including in court matters to clients in the New Zealand civil aviation industry, in her capacity as a practicing lawyer. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  From 1 July 2022, Angela Beazer has changed occupations and no longer holds a Lawyers Practicing Certificate issued in any jurisdiction, including New Zealand.  Neither Angela Beazer, or Air Law NZ, can accept instructions or represent clients in any Court proceedings/litigation matters.  

Angela may still be available, subject to other professional commitments, to provide aviation consultancy services and advice to aviation industry participants, in relation to  non-litigation matters.  Such services are provided in her capacity as a consultant, and not as a lawyer.  Angela reserves the right to decline any engagements due to time constraints or conflicts of interests with her other professional obligations.

Aviation Consultancy Services

Angela has 12 years experience assisting participants in a wide range of civil aviation regulatory and safety investigations.  Angela may be able to assist aviation industry participants with  "section 15A" or 'fit and proper person' investigations aviation licensing and medical issues; aircraft accident safety investigations; and advice on regulatory compliance issues.  

Angela cannot accept instructions or represent or act for any participant who may  be charged with any offences, or in relation to any other court proceedings.  The services of a practicing lawyer should be sought for any court / litigation matters. Angela may also decline to accept any engagement if there is a conflict or risk of conflict arising with her other professional obligations, or Angela otherwise considers that the participant should seek the services of a lawyer.

Angela has written a number of articles on aviation law issues and presented at aviation industry seminars, and participants can view these articles and presentations on this website.  

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Angela welcomes inquiries about her suitability/availability to assist aviation participants.

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