Other aviation issues


  • Legal parallels and lessons from the recent RENA maritime accident (December 2011/January 2012)
    This article summarises the background to the RENA accident, and discusses issues for aviation industry participants to consider when subject to safety investigations, law enforcement investigations and/or administrative (regulatory) investigations by the CAA and other agencies
  • Proposed Part 139 Rule Update (aerodromes) - how it may affect you (April 2012)
    Note as at June 2013:  Submissions closed June 2012; a Summary of Submissions was published in May 2013; and a further re-draft of this rule is now due to be released for further consultation - more details to follow in "Legal News"
  • How Santa Claus Jnr commenced air operations in NZ (December 2012/January 2013)
    Discover how Santa Claus Jnr obtained permission from the NZCAA to deliver Christmas presents in New Zealand airspace from 2007 onwards

  • "Santa Claus (NZ) vs Director of Civil Aviation"  (December 2013/January 2014)
    This article summarises the recent action taken against Santa Claus by the NZ CAA after allegations of excessive drinking and an "unsafe relationship with alcohol" emerged against Santa and his helpers, raising concerns about increased risk to flight safety.  It concludes with the eventually successful resolution of all matters, ensuring Santa can deliver Christmas presents all over NZ this Christmas Eve.  Read my article above to discover how Santa Claus Junior first set up operations in NZ in 2007.
  • "2014 snapshots: legislative and parliamentary developments to watch"  (February 2014)
    This article summarises some of the key legislative and parliamentary developments affecting the aviation sector in the next twelve months, including the current review of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and Airports Authorities Act 1966; the Australian Federal Government review of the aviation regulatory environment; pending legislative change to New Zealand's workplace safety laws; and the progression of complaints against increases to civil aviation fees and charges through the New Zealand Parliament Regulations Review Committee.

  • Dealing with lawyers and the Courts (April 2013)
    This article outlines some issues to consider when deciding whether to seek legal advice or engage a lawyer, and some issues to be aware of when appearing in Court

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