Medical Certification issues

 Civil Aviation Act medical certification framework

Case law on medical appeals

  • Aviation Medical Decisions - judicial determinations Part 1  (August 2011)
    This article provides a brief overview of the Australian civil aviation medical system, and summarises two recent Australian appeals - the first concerning substance abuse issues for pilots; and the second concerning the risk of post traumatic epilepsy occuring while on active flight duties as a result of an assualt causing bleeding into the brain 
  • Aviation Medical Decisions - judicial determinations Part 2  (September 2011)
    This article summarises a series of New Zealand court decisions and appeals relating to a challenge by Mr Ian Andrews to conditions imposed on his Class 2 medical certificate due to a historic stroke; and the outcome so far
  • NZ medical appeal outcome: implications for New Zealand  (July 2012)
    This article summarises the final outcome of the Ian Andrews medical appeal cases, and comments on some issues of concern that may require addressing through improved internal CAA medical unit procedures, and/or through legislative change

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