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 Presentation to the NZAAA division, Aviation NZ Leadership Summit, Wellington, 17 July 2014:

HSE Responsibilities of Agricultural Pilots

This presentation summarises the current duties of all participants under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, and outlines key changes to proposed new workplace health and safety legislation due to take effect in 2015.  This presentation has a particular focus on how the changes may affect employees' duties and potential liability for breaches of those duties, and how this might apply to agricultural pilots.  Click here to view feedback about this presentation. 


Presentation to the NZAAA / NZAIA conference week, Dunedin, 17-21 June 2013: 

Duties and obligations of directors and officers

This presentation summarises some of the key statutory duties and obligations imposed on directors and officers of corporate entities, and the pending prosecution action against Peter Whittall, former CEO of Pike River Coal; and Gloria Davis, the surviving spouse and company director of the company which owned and operated the "Easy Rider" fishing vessell, which sank in the foveaux strait on 15 March 2012; as officers and directors under s56 of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. 

For more information about the Pike River disaster and safety recommendations that will impact on the aviation industry, click here

Presentation to the NZAAA / NZAIA conference week, Rotorua, 4-10 August 2012: 

Powers, Rights and Obligations:  Dealing with the CAA

This presentation provides an overview of the statutory structure, powers and functions of the Minister of Transport, the Board of the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Director of Civil Aviation; and the rights, duties and obligations of participants when dealing with CAA personnel exercising their statutory powers and functions.

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Presentations to the NZAAA / NZAIA conference week, Wellington, 5-8 July 2011: 

FPP obligations of licensed pilots

FPP obligations for CAA approved senior persons

These presentations discuss the application of the statutory fit and proper person test to pilots, and CAA approved Senior Persons in certificated aviation organisations; the continuing obligation to meet the FPP test; and the inter-relationship between the FPP test and the Director of Civil Aviation's "exit powers" in the Civil Aviation Act 1990

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Presentation to the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology National Student Pilot Conference, Nelson, 12-14 July 2011:

The FPP Test - How and Why it applies to Pilots 


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